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The Dreamer

[ Sang Pemimpi ]

Director:Riri Riza

Youth Drama

10/27 14:50-

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122min Indonesian Color | 2009 Indonesia | 

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Sequel to The Rainbow Troops. The Children have grown up and are pursuing their dreams.


The Dreamer is based on Andrea Hirata's immensely popular novels about his childhood on the remote Sumatran island of Belitung. This new film carries the story forward to his high school days in the 1980s, as Ikal, Arai and Jimbron, all now teens, struggle with love and the passage to manhood. (In cooperation with Fukuoka City Public Library)

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Cinemart Roppongi SCREEN4

10/27 14:50 - 17:07 (122min.)

Greeting from the stage

Guest (tentative): Riri Riza(Director)

Please note that the stage appearances of guests and scheduled closing time of the show may change according to circumstances.

Tickets ¥1300|Tickets at the Door ¥1300(Tax included)

Special student admission tickets at the door: ¥500(Tax included)


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TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills : Day of the screening 9:30
Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall : 1 hour before the first screening of the day
Cinemart Roppongi : Day of the screening 10:00

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Riri Riza

Riri Riza, a Graduate from Film Department of Jakarta Institute of the Arts, is the Director of award-winning films Eliana, Eliana, Gie, Three Days to Forever and The Rainbow Troops. He is the leading film director of the post reform Indonesian cinema, known for his ability to push the limit of genre convention and achieve box office success. Riri Riza's Atambua 39 ⁰Celsius will be screened in the Competition section.

Director/Screenplay : Riri Riza
Producer/Screenplay : Mira Lesmana
Co-producer : Putut Widjanarko
Co-producer : Gangsar Sukrisno
Co-producer : Toto Prasetyanto
Associate Producer : Avesina Soebli
Screenplay : Salman Aristo
Editor : W. Ichwandiardono
Cinematographer : Gunnar Nimpuno
Art Director : Eros Eflin

Vikri Septiawan
Rendy Ahmad
Azwir Fitrianto
Lukman Sardi
Mathias Muchus

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