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Event Guide


Opening Event [Green Carpet] 10/20 (Sat) 13:30~

Venue: Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori and Roppongi Hills Arena

Green Carpet is the main feature of the Opening event! Gorgeous stars from Japan and overseas gather on the Green Carpet which stretches 250 meters from Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori to Roppongi Hills Arena. This is a great chance to have a close encounter with Stars!
Anyone can see this event free of charge.

10/20 (Sat) ~ 28 (Sun)  25th Anniversary

Roppongi Academyhills 49 Entrance | Front of Information Counter

Let's collect 6 words which was hide in Roppongi Hills and win a special item!
Get the map and collect 6 keywords at the points marked on. You will win a prize on the spot by lottery; for example, the TOHO Cinemas gift card which allows you to watch the film 25 times, TIFF goods, and etc. You can get the map at the Special Keyword Rally Counter or download from the related information in the news.

10.21 (Sun) 13:00~17:45 「25th TIFF × J-WAVE SPECIAL CINEMA TALK&LIVE」

Roppongi Hills Arena

25th Tokyo International Film Festival and J-WAVE will hold the special event "25th TIFF × J-WAVE SPECIAL CINEMA TALK&LIVE". Many enjoyable events will be held including Kaela Kimura and Ko Shibasaki "McDonald’s TOKIO HOT 100" broadcast live, Ryota Fujimaki's Live Performance, Cinema Talk, show which introduces highlights of the film festival; and furthermore, the special screening of the internationally recognized "PES" on the big screen which is brought to you in collaboration with Toyota Motor and STUDIO4℃'s, and the 6th Dream Car Art Contest - welcoming Art Director, Chie Morimoto and Film Director, Shiro Tokiwa as the talk shows guests.

10.20 (Sat) 22:00 ~ 5:00

TIFF night

Future SEVEN

We are holding TIFF night to celebrate the opening of TIFF on Oct. 20th (Sat)!! Filmmakers, film fans, and influencers are getting together at Future SEVEN, a different venue from TIFF. Famous DJs set up moods for the special night!

Entrance Fee: 1,500 yen (1 Drink)

10/21 (Sun) ~ 27(Sat)

Open Press Conference by Guests for Competition

Roppongi Hills 2F Café and Space|TIFF movie café

Open press conferences with directors and actors from the films of Competition will be held at TIFF movie café.
You can experience the professional atmosphere of question-and-answer session by movie journalist and guests.

10/22 (Mon)

U.S.-Japan Film Academy

Roppongi Academyhills 49 tower Hall

Jim Whitaker, one of the most celebrated Hollywood producers talks about the backstage of filmmaking. We also have a screening of his film, "Rebirth".

*Application is required.

10/24 (Wed) 19:30 ~

Film Navigators 1

Roppongi Hills 2F Café and Space|TIFF movie café

Guests who play an active part in various fields introduce you the new way to enjoy films.

Laugh & Sports
Guests: Daisuke Ohta (Former members of the Japanese national rugby team), Jun Muracami (Shizuru/ Comedian)
*Pre-registration required.

10.25 (Thu) 10:30 ~ 12:00

TIFFCOM Seminar organized by Bunka News and TIFF Supporters


The seminar welcomes Producers, Genki Kawamura and Toshiaki Nakazawa as the talk show guests; and ask them to make passionate discussions on present state of Japanese Film and their future prospects; as well as on topic of doubts and expectations which students share about the Film Industry. Kawamura and Nakazawa who’s been at the forefront of the industry share lively opinions and make considerations on the way the film scene should be in future. The seminar is a collaborating event organized by Bunka Tsushin which celebrates 60th anniversary and TIFF Supporters.

*Pre-registration required.Please refer to here.

10.25 (Thu) 15:30~

Future Line-up Collection of Tokyo International Film Festival


This event is holds by "Eiga-kan ni Ikou!". You can see more than 60 of new films' trailers in TIFF.

10.25 (Thu) 15:30 ~

TIFF in Nihombashi Screening of Barrier free symposium “Standardization of Screening of Barrier-free”

COREDO Muromachi Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall

Guests:Yasushi Furukawa (Barrier-free SAGA film festival 2012 executive committee/ Governor of Saga Prefecture), Jiro Shindo (President of Japan Film Makers Association/Producer), Naoyuki Okouchi (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo)

Navigator:Takako Matsuda (Media Access Support Center)

After "Naked Island" screened, this symposium will start. Ticket holder of “Naked Island” can see this symposium.

10.25 (Thu) 19:00 ~

TIFF in Nihombashi Screening and Symposium produced by The Directors Guild of Japan

COREDO Muromachi Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall

Guest: Mami Sunada (Director)

This symposium is held after the screening of "Death of a Japanese Salesman". Anyone who have the ticket of "Death of a Japanese Salesman" can attend this symposium.

10/26 (Fri) 13:00 ~

Symposium – Movie Campus –1

Roppongi Academyhills 49 tower Hall

We welcome the filmmakers in various posts, and introduce the latest film culture movements from an academic point of view with them.
Part 1. Will Crowd Funding be the savior for the Film Industry?
Panelists: Megumi Sasaki, Shinji Ogawa, Takeshi Otaka, Aya Umezu

*Admission Free / Pre-registration is required.

10.26 (Fri) 16:00 ~

Symposium – Movie Campus – 2

Roppongi Academyhills 49 tower Hall

We welcome the filmmakers in various posts, and introduce the latest film culture movements from an academic point of view with them.
Part 2. Hidden pleasure of short animations – close relations with picture books -
Panelists: Koji Yamamura, Mimura

*Admission Free / Pre-registration is required.

10/26 (Fri) 18:00 ~

Tokyo Student Film Festival Special  Screening & Talk show

Roppongi Academyhills 49 Auditorium

Tokyo Student Film Festival, which supports "TIFF Supporters" project, will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year. As this anniversary event, we hold the special screening "Bunkin Takashimada Ni-chome" and talk show by the director Norihiro Koizumi. Norihiro Koizumi got 14th Tokyo Student Film Festival Grand Prix by this film and became a professional movie director. He directed "Midnight Sun", "Gachi Boy", etc. Admission Free/ First-come-first-served basis

10/26 (Fri) 20:00 ~ 25:00

TIFF night powered by J-WAVE

Roppongi Hills 2F Café and Space|TIFF movie café

We are holding this special party to celebrate the opening of TIFF which has a catchphrase “The Power of Films, NOW!”.
Famous DJs warm up the atmosphere! Entrance fee is free!!

10/27 (Sat) 13:30 ~ 15:30

Green Energy Festa in TIFF

Roppongi Academyhills 49 tower Hall

Renewable energy makes use of the blessings of nature. However, electricity generated account for merely 1% of the output (when dams and etc. is excluded). In order to increase the renewable energy in Japan, feed-in tariff of renewable energy has been implemented from July 2012. Our intentions are to introduce the new institution and hold a symposium with screening of the short film to think together about the purpose of encouraging its broad use.

10/27 (Sat) 19:30~

Film Navigators 2

Roppongi Hills 2F café space|TIFF movie café

Guests from various fields will introduce you new ways to enjoy films.

Enjoy Films with Twitter
Guest: Twitter Japan

*Pre-registration is required.

10/27 (Sat) 21:00~


Le Baron de Paris in Tokyo

Two film festivals in TOKYO, TIFF and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia will hold a Special Halloween Night at Le Baron de Paris, a hangout for creators.

Admission: 3,000 yen (1 Drink)

Kid's Square Babysitting Service

During the duration of TIFF (Oct 20 to 28), Kid’s Square Roppongi Hills (Roppongi Hills West Walk 6F) is offering specially discounted hourly babysitting services. Don’t miss this great opportunity to utilize this attractive childcare service.

Rates: *Bookings can only be made for a minimum of 2 hours, and rates thereafter will be calculated in increments of 30 minutes.
*For age 0 through grade school age children only.
*Reservations must be made by 16:00 on the previous day
Contact: Kid’s Square (Roppongi Hills West Walk 6F; Tel:03-5772-1577)

TIFF Auction for Charity supported by Rakuten Auction

TIFF established the Green Carpet Club (GCC) which promotes green activities that will help preserve the natural environment of the Earth and maintain a sustainable society. As a part of GCC's social action program, we are putting up props and original goods from movies which will be screened at TIFF for auction this year as well. All proceeds will be donated to Cinema Yell Tohoku, Green Tokyo Fundraising Campaign and Kinoshita Forest. We are looking forward to your participation

Date: 10/15 (Mon) ~ 10/29 (Mon)
We holds TIFF Charity Auction supported by Rakuten Auction. You can participate in this by PC, mobile and smartphone.
Items: Props and original goods from movies which will be screened at TIFF.
We raise a fund to: Cinema Yell Tohoku, Green Tokyo Fundraising Campaign, Kinoshita Forest


A special film festival corner is set at DVD floor of DAIKANYAMA T-SITE.. It is a special corner of directors and actors whose films will be screened in TIFF. Please contact the store for more information.

Shop Information:

Address: Bldg.1, 17-5, Sarugakucho, Shibuyaku, Tokyo
Business hours: 1F Books 7:00-26:00 (7am-2am) / 2F Movie & Music 9:00-26:00 (9am-2am)


A special film festival corner opened on October 1st at TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI. There is a special section of books and DVDs related to the directors and actors from films will be screened in TIFF, and there are also commemorative products on sale. A special campaign to present TIFF tickets is also running concurrently. Details is released on the store's blog!


Address: 6-11-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hour 7:00-28:00 (7am-4am)
KEIRIN.JPThe 25th Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by Japan Keirin Association.TIFF History
24th Tokyo International Film Festival(2011)