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Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix goes to "The Other Son"

Special Jury Prize went to "Juvenile Offender" with the Director Kang Yi-kwan.
The Audience Award voted by the general audience was awarded to "Flashback Memories 3D
" directed by Tetsuaki Matsue.

Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix

The Other Son

[ Le fils de l'Autre ]

Director: Lorraine Lévy

Special Jury Prize

Juvenile Offender[ 범죄소년 ]

Director: Kang Yi-kwan

Award for Best Director

Lorraine Lévy

("The Other Son")

Award for Best Actress

Neslihan Atagül

("Araf - Somewhere in Between")

Award for Best Actor

Seo Young-ju

("Juvenile Offender")

Award for Best Artistic Contribution

Ship of Theseus[ Ship of Theseus ]

Director of Photography / Pankaj Kumar

The Audience Award

Flashback Memories 3D

Flashback Memories 3D

Director: Tetsuaki Matsue

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix winner was selected amongst the films which hold the theme of ecology, the ways to relate with earth and the coexistence of nature and the human being. The prize was awarded to "Himself He Cooks"

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

Himself He Cooks

[ Himself He Cooks ]

Director: Valérie Berteau, Philippe Witjes

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix Special Jury Prize

[ Trashed ]

Director: Candida Brady

Winds of Asia - Middle East

Winds of Asia Middle–East section screens films that are produced in the Asia and Middle East regions and selects the best film to award Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award. The award was presented to "Night of Silence" by Director Reis Çelik.

Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award

Night of Silence

[ Lal Gece ]

Director: Reis Çelik

Winds of Asia-Middle East,
Special Mention

Bwakaw[ Bwakaw ]

Winds of Asia-Middle East,
Special Mention

Him, Here After[ Ini Avan ]

Winds of Asia-Middle East,
Special Mention

Full Circle[ 飞越老人院 ]

Japanese Eyes

Japanese Eyes Best Picture Award was selected amongst the 8 films screened in the Japanese Eyes and the award is given to GFP BUNNY.

Japanese Eyes, Best Picture Award


[ GFP BUNNY─タリウム少女のプログラム─ ]

Director: Yutaka Tsuchiya

TIFF Special Appreciation Award

The 25th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is pleased to announce that TIFF Special Appreciation Award will be presented to Mr. Raymond Chow at the memorable 25th TIFF to show our appreciation for his continuous support since the TIFF’s inauguration in 1985.

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