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Looking back the 25th TIFF : comments from guests (Part2)


Looking back the 25th TIFF : comments from guests (Part2)
Michael J. Rix (Director) (Accession)
Q: What was your impression of this Film Festival seen during your stay in Japan?
 Michael J. Rix: I had a fantastic time. The host has been spectacular and it really made us feel good. We had a great time here and every night was an opportunity to meet great film makers from around the world. It’s been a really good film festival. I am very much honored to be here.
Yeşim Ustaoğlu (Director), Neslihan Atagül (Actress) (Araf – Somewhere in Between)
Q: What was your impression of this Film Festival seen during your stay in Japan?
 Yeşim Ustaoğlu: I enjoyed TIFF very much. TIFF is very well-organized. All the guests, staffs, and the technics of screening rooms are amazing. I also think you have wonderful audience because I did enjoy talking to them very much since they have wonderful questions. They understand the film very well.
Q: How do you feel when you got the Award for Best Actress?
 Neslihan Atagül: I feel very happy!!
Tetsuaki Matsue (Director) (Flashback Memories 3D)
Q: How do you feel when you got the Audience Award?
TIFF Tetsuaki Matsue: I have participated in TIFF as an audience in the beginning, and later on as a Jury and then participated with my own film. I have always been synchronizing with the film festival. I have also received the Audience Award in this place. Because the vote was given by the audiences who have made this screening possible; I felt responsible about it. I find this as their feelings asking me to do the film like “Flashback Memories 3D” again. Therefore, I would like to tie this award to the next screening of the film.
GOMA (Didgeridoo Player) (Flashback Memories 3D)
Q: What was your impression of this Film Festival?
TIFF GOMA: I am very encouraged by this new experience which make me to think this is the beginning of new life. After the car accident, I used to think that my life is over. However, since we received The Audience Award at 25th TIFF, I feel like I become confident of the blank period of my memory. Thank you very much.
Kang Yi-kwan (Director), Seo Young-ju (Actor), Lee Jung-hyun (Actress) (Juvenile Offender)
Q: What was your impression of this Film Festival seen during your stay in Japan?
TIFF Kang Yi-kwan(left): I have not expected to win prizes, so I am very happy to receive it. Actually, making movies is a tough work, and I wonder that it might be better to give up the career as a film director. I feel like that these prizes are cheering me up, so I decide to keep making films. Thank you very much!
Seo Young-ju(right): I was very nervous when TIFF started, but I am so happy because I receive the Best Actor Prize. Actually this is my very first film festival and I did not know TIFF before I came. TIFF is great film festival, thank you!
Lee Jung-hyun(middle): Thank you for the great prizes. I love TIFF!!!
Daniel Marc Dreifuss (Producer) (No)
Q: What was your impression of this Film Festival seen during your stay in Japan?
TIFF Daniel Marc Dreifuss: Unfortunately, I was only here for 48 hours and I am about to leave for the airport soon. But I was immensely happy to be here and the film festival was so well run and so well organized; I felt there was so much dedication at heart that went behind it. I love the theme of our film because it has social relevance. Obviously, I like that theme because no other film fits that profile. I am also very moved by how much the movie meant to the people. So many people walked up to me; and I’m not talking just about people in this room or film makers; but I’m talking about people; people who just saw the movie, which were the audiences. What they saw themselves in the screen meant a lot to them and inspired them to care about their own happiness or even other peoples’ happiness and fight for that voice; to say something and to have rights to say so. I think it is a great thing and that is why we make the movies; to have that kind of reaction from people and hopefully to entertain, inform and inspire people.
Q. Our main theme of this year’s film festival is “Power of Films Now”. Do you have any episode in which you strongly felt the power of the film?
Daniel Marc Dreifuss: Absolutely, I remember when I left the theater, there was a Japanese girl, who’s culture was so different from the culture that originally made this film, who came up to me with tears in her eyes and said thank you for making this movie; I thought that that was the power of film. And power of film is not only entertaining the people in the room and making people laugh and cry and forget. It is to inspire as well and open their eyes to say that the people of 1988 did so much with so little, and think what they can do today for themselves and for other people. When this lady who comes from Egypt, who’s so wonderful comes and says to me that, “This movie is what is happening in my country right now.” I felt that was the power of film. She says that she hopes this film will play in her country, Egypt; I feel that this is a power of film and that is how film can connect to societal changes and power of media which promotes the social change and bettering of people’s life.

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