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Ridley Scott’s “Japan in a Day” to be Special Opening Film for 25th TIFF

Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is pleased to announce that “Japan in a Day” by the highly acclaimed filmmaker, Ridley Scott, has been selected as the Special Opening Film for the 25th TIFF.
“Japan in a Day” is a collection of video submissions filmed on March 11 of this year, which have been complied into a single film. It is a significant film in that it conveys a message that should go out from Tokyo to the entire world – that Japan is well on the road to recovery.
25th TIFF Special Opening
World Premiere
Japan in a Day


Executive Producer: Ridley Scott
Executive Producer for Fuji: Chihiro Kameyama
Director: Philip Martin, Gaku Narita
The film will be released by GAGA CORPORATION (Japan) on November 3, 2012.
March 11, 2012 marks the first anniversary of the tragic Great East Japan Earthquake, the most powerful earthquake to have ever struck Japan. The earthquake caused immeasurable damage, not only to the stricken areas, but also to the nation as a whole.
In 2012 Fuji Television asked for contributions from anyone in Japan or overseas to record a video about their daily life on March 11, 2012. The videos were uploaded to a special website. The best entries, judged by the filmmakers, were selected from the submitted videos to complete an all-new original movie.

KEIRIN.JPThe 25th Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by Japan Keirin Association.TIFF History
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