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The Audience Award Ceremony Competition Section “Flashback Memories 3D” Press Conference: Notes & Quotes

The Tokyo International Film Festival Audience Award is presented to the most popular film among 15 films featured in the Competition Section chosen by viewers’ votes. This year’s winner was Flashback Memories 3D, a film about Didgeridoo performer, GOMA, looking back on his rehabilitation and recovery from a car accident. The Commendation Ceremony was held as follows:
Date & Time:
October 28th (Sunday), from 10:15 @TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills Screen 2
Tetsuaki Matsue (Director), GOMA (Didgeridoo Artist), Junji Takane (Producer), Sumie Morimoto(Cast, GOMA’s wife), Mahiro Morimoto(Cast, GOMA’s daughter)
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The Award Ceremony began with a speech from Minato City Deputy Mayor, Hideshi Tanaka and Minato City Committee Chairman Tamotsu Hara.
Mr. Hideshi Tanaka: The Tokyo International Film Festival has grown into one of the major film festivals domestically and internationally. Minato City is one of the most international towns in Tokyo with a community of 19 thousand people from 131 countries and home to 80 embassies. Many foreign corporations are based in our ward as well. We are a modern city full of life, day and night, but also embossed with tradition. It is an honor to host the Tokyo International Film Festival in Minato City.
Mr. Tamotsu Hara: Our committee was established when the Tokyo International Film Festival first came to Roppongi, Minato City. Together with the Japan Tourism Agency, local communities and businesses have come together to support this film festival. Since then, we have, with pleasure, provided our full assistance and hospitality for TIFF and for everybody visiting Roppongi. The local residents have been very helpful and my gratitude goes out to them for making this festival a success.
Following this, The Audience Award was announced by Deputy Mayor Tanaka. At the commendation ceremony, Director Tetsuaki Matsue, GOMA, his wife and cast, Sumie Morimoto and daughter Mahiro Morimoto, Didgeridoo Artist GOMA, and Producer Junji Takane were presented with a commendation certificate from Minato City Deputy Mayor, Hideshi Tanaka, 10,000 US dollar worth of prize money from Minato City Committee Chairman Tamotsu Hara, a trophy from Vice-Chairman Tatsuo Sunaga, and a bouquet of flowers from Vice-Chairman Shinji Aono.
Mr. Matsue, GOMA, and Mr. Takane were also presented ‘happi’ coats by Secretary General Masahide Hanazumi of the Minato Sports, Community, Culture, and Health Foundation, before they addressed the audience.
“I’m so surprised I forgot what I wanted to say!” beamed Tetsuaki Matsue. “I’ve been coming to the Tokyo International Film Festival since I was a student so this is a great honor. I first came to TIFF with my film, Live Tape and last year with Tokyo Drifter. I can say with assurance that all my films following Live Tape have been nurtured by this film festival. That is, every time I finished shooting, I had aspirations to screen it here. TIFF is a very special place. This year I watched close to 20 films as an audience—I was here almost every day! Therefore, I feel that the audience award has its own significance different from a Competition award. On a personal note, by standing here with GOMA, my family and Mr. Takane, I’m beginning to brace the idea that this film has only started out. Thank you so much.”
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GOMA also shared his joy and surprise. “I haven’t been able to sleep at all after the phone call last telling us we’ve won the Audience Award.” He then continued, “You never know what cards you’re going to be dealt with in life. Until three years ago, who could have envisioned me standing on this stage? But I’m here and it’s genuine. After the accident, I longed for the ‘me’ before the accident, but I realize now standing here with my fellows that it’s time to bid farewell to the ‘old’ me and accept who I am now.”
In the end, Junji Takane expressed his hopes for the audience to take something home from this film. “The Audience Award marks a new beginning for this film and for GOMA. Thank you.”
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