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Summary of Winds of Asia

25th TIFF Winds of Asia – Middle East Jury
Harumi Nakayama
Koichi Kawakami
Lim Kah Wai


Night of Silence
This film depicts the issue of child brides in a male-dominated society. Their backgrounds are gradually revealed using suspenseful and thrilling techniques and the story unfolding behind closed doors are stirring enough until the end. A film made by a veteran director with fresh sensitivity and style.
Summary of Winds of Asia
The films in this section, whether a production film or an experimental independent film, all had something to offer and communicate to Japanese directors today—the story structure, camerawork, production, and being audience conscious. What was most exciting was to feel the strong belief each scriptwriter had toward the power of films.
Special Mention
Him, Here After
Set in post-civil war Sri Lanka, this film unexpectedly does not a focus on the social issues of the country but entails suspense and hard-boiled genre elements. The calculated use of space and music is a must-see for this film.
Full Circle
A wonderful Chang Yang film that highlights his great caliber as scriptwriter, director, and cinematographer. A film made possible by Yang’s trust and belief in people.
The main character is a 70-year old homosexual not portrayed with the usual struggles and anxieties but with humor. Hands up for such a lovable film.

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